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This is kinda cool, and would be a great for an animated video if it weren't 5 seconds long. If you're gonna make a short, looped animation, make it a .gif file and put it in the Newgrounds Art portal. Don't post it into the Movies Portal unless it's at least a minute's worth of animation. What you could of done and still can do instead is use the rest of the song you used in this one and create a musical video perhaps using this animation as a base idea and have them both "dancing" to the beat of the music and build a story from there.
What little animation there is here looks fluid and well synced to the music playing and I really liked the stars in the background exploding with different colors but other than that there really isn't much to say. There's an awesome idea in here somewhere you just gotta work harder and (much) longer on your animations and you can expect a whole 5 stars from me next time, perhaps! Till next time.

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I must say the face and hair/tiara in particular are exquisitely well drawn. BUT it needs color! Or at least some assortment of shading before I give this 5 outta 5. But in any case, job well done!

Cartridgeboy responds:

^_^ lol thank you very much. I also agree because u cant really say it's perfect when im not done lol. I'll finish it whenever.

This looks pretty cool man, but might I suggest maybe a more elaborate outfit? Perhaps more armor on her left arm or some insignia/design on her shirt signifying her stature/class? Or something that gives her some background as to why she is carrying a gun? Perhaps she's a gang member in the far future or some police woman or- ya, you get the idea. It just seemed a little bare bone to me.

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